Privacy Policy

Privacy and security

Your personal information. You leave them behind us, because that should simply if you want to order something. But we can imagine that you'd like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We tell you here.

very safe

All data that you leave us, we stop very safe under lock and key. We do this with the latest technology. Who has nothing to do with your data, there may simply not there. We give your information to anyone - you can read below why and when we do - then we demand that the other equally careful treatment of your information as we do and they used only for the purpose for which it has received the data.

What do we do more with your data

We use your information for different purposes. After that you can see what goals are. while we use the information you receive, as well as data collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

  • Deliver your order

For your order we need your name, email address, address (es), payment information, and sometimes also need your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We give your information to others as required for an order, for example, to delivery services.

  • Your account

In your account we store include the following information: your name, address (es), telephone number, email address, delivery and payment information, and provided information and interests (such as we have asked you to birth) . Convenient, because you do not enter this information each time. We also collect information about your previous orders and reviews that you have placed. You can find it easily.

  • Customer service

You can call us, email and chat on our website. To be able to quickly help with any questions, we use your information and make records that we keep. Handy when you call us again. Sometimes we use another party to give answers to questions. Which can use before your data.

  • newsletters

You can register yourself for our various newsletters. We will keep you informed of our offers, promotions and our news. We have general and personalized newsletters. The personal newsletters we put together on the basis of information, such as previous orders. That makes the interesting news for you. Would you newsletters from us receive, sign off by simply "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newsletter clicking.

  • reviews

We love reviews. And our customers. Would you like to write a review, you can select whether you personal data or name are visible to other visitors and about whether we can review contact you take. We track who wrote what and review your reviews also appear in your account.

  • contests

When you enter a promotion or contest, we ask your name, address and email address. So we can carry out the action and announce the winner (s).

  • Improving our store and service

We're constantly working to improve our service. Therefore, we may use your information to ask you whether you want to participate in an informal customer or market research. Sometimes others conduct research for us. We give this other than your email address. That person must also adhere to our privacy rules. So you need email address will be deleted after the investigation.

  • fraud

Fraud no one is waiting, neither do we. That's why we use customer data to investigate fraud, prevent and counteract. If need, we provide customer information to the government.

  • business customers

Also our business customers and partners, we store the contact information on. Are the data of persons, we will treat this information as those of our other customers.

What we do not do with your information?

We never use your data to show you different prices to different customers. All our customers see the same prices for our products and items. Sell your information to others, we never will.

Knock your information or if you have other questions?

something is wrong or want to consult your data, please contact our customer service.


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